One more phrase for the list of things you don’t want appearing in your obit

by meanlouise January 21, 2013 r.i.p.

Tatler’s Dog, Alan, Dies in Bizarre Revolving Door Accident. I hate revolving doors, but I bet no one hates them as much as dachshunds and corgis. Damn.

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Killer shrimp, camels and a world of obituaries

by meanlouise October 12, 2002 wild kingdom

Everytime I pop open google’s news aggregator I see a headline along the lines of “Spacewoman Stuck in Orbit with Too Much Shrimp.”* Being allergic to shrimp, I find that a frightening prospect. Somehow this reminded me of the Bonnie and Clyde of the shrimp world, the pair of mantis shrimp that terrorized the Monterey […]

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