From yesterday’s Oddball segment of Countdown:

And finally, speaking of winter games, we are just days away now from the opening ceremonies of the 2004 winter Olympics in Athens, Greece. All right. I know. Summer Olympics, please don’t tell that to those whacky South Koreans. They are celebrating the event by dressing up as penguins, or dressing up penguins in the national team jersey. And they’ve got monkeys, too. Look, monkeys! It’s South Korea’s animal in English, animal cheerleading team. The zoo keeper says he organized the event as a way for animal to have more interest in the Olympics. No, really. He actually said that. And the zoo keeper is still walking around without his own keeper.

I only wish they had the video posted. That’s a transcript of a voiceover and it really lacks something without the surreal imagery.

Recently, it seemed somewhat strange to me that a monkey would take such a liking to my hair.

Now I see that it’s part of a larger pattern. The monkeys are gearing up for worldwide domination while we sit in front of the TV, drooling.

360 monkeys in China have taken up cliff-diving.

Monkeys in India have been attacking schoolchildren more frequently.

11 marauding monkeys have been on a burglary spree in Malaysia. They were apprehended August 1st. No word yet on whether charges will be filed.

August 4th we learned that Darla the Helper Monkey, who bit a toddler in a grocery store, has a history of biting people. And this is a surprise? Didn’t these people see Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear?

Monday, August 9th, 75 rhesus monkeys went on the lam in Louisiana.

Today it was revealed that monkeys in Russia play video games.

In my mom’s neighborhood, there are a lot of wild monkeys. It’s not unusual for monkeys to break in and trash your house while you’re out, and in fact they’ve had to start being more aggressive with the signage because people are feeding them and creating the same problems we have now with alligators – they (the monkeys, not the tourists) lose their fear and they become very dangerous.

While I was typing up this entry I thought my yard had been invaded by chimps, but it’s just a toddler playgroup. From the sounds of it, though, you could have fooled me.

Amidst all the hooha about curry being good for your brain, many articles, even in allegedly reputable sources such as webMD misidentified Curcuma Longa as “cumin” or “curry” rather than

I mention this because the rest of you are able to glance at such things and move on with your life. I live with a Food Anthropologist and this is the kind of thing that makes him INSANE.

He wandered around the house muttering under his breath about the yuckiness of so-called curry powder and could periodically be heard saying things like, “They want curry for their brains? I’ve got curry for their brains! I have recipes for brain curry! Lots of them!”

He’s promised to blog about it in great detail in the near future – the actual composition of various curries, not how to cook brains. I hope. You never know. Husband is a strange, strange boy.

Yeah, so, as you can see, the excitement here is non-stop.

Tune in Tomorrow, when I will babble about the 1st season of Lost in Space on DVD and the mysteries of the Debby the Monkey character.

Well today, while I was spending too much time thinking about Fugu, Husband was consulting Japanese cookbooks to learn more about the legendary beverage known as saruzake, or Monkey Sake.

Whether monkeys really brew their own sake or not (and, more importantly, whether people pay huge amounts of money to consume it) is beside the point. The point is that “Monkey Sake” would be a great band name. We’ve finished a soundtrack that could easily be attributed to “Monkey Sake.” Or not.