Today’s monkey-link is from JunglePete:

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Wildlife officials said a rhesus monkey known to throw feces when mad is on the loose in Tampa Bay. Authorities have been trying to capture the primate since Tuesday afternoon, but it managed to evade a bucket truck and tranquilizer dart.

Gary Morse with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the adult male is thought to have escaped from an unlicensed source. It was last seen in Clearwater.

The monkey is not considered dangerous.

I was going to end with a joke about how JunglePete is also known to throw feces when angry, but that one’s just too easy. And not all that funny. Also, possibly true.

This is how rumors get started.

Staying here on the beach at 20th high school reunion. Blogging via blackberry too challenging for my uncaffeinated self this morning.

I haven’t seen so much as a picture of John McCain in 24 hours.I feel better already.

Where is junglepete with my coffee?

He’s going to insist he should be let off the hook because he’s been out risking his life in the fakahatchee, but damnit man, I need coffee! And wifi. And maybe a banana-nut muffin, as long as you’re out…