One of my coworkers said, with his usual impish grin, “These are for your Husband, so don’t eat them.”

Then he handed me a package of Mexican Spice Flavored Worms.

I assured him I could resist the temptation to snack on them and would make sure that they reached Husband un-opened.

Having said that, curiosity is getting the best of us. He’s given them to a number of people here and we may have to break open a package of the Chedder Cheese flavored worms and try them out.

I love the ingredients list. “Insect Larva, Seasoning.” And only 9 calories per serving (1.4 grams).

Here’s a link to the Food Insects website, a cooperative project with the University of Wisonconsin-Madison. I’m disappointed that they still haven’t published the piece on the nutrient content of the House Cricket, Acheta domesticus, but they do have A Concise Summary of the General Nutritional Value of Insects.

I’m more convinced than ever that this Microsoft Bob thing is an elaborate hoax. Microsoft wants us to think they are powerful enough to have wiped our memories, so we will fear them. It’s an elaborate conspiracy, a vast sleight of hand designed to make us believe that they possess vast and unimaginable technology to induce selective amnesia a la Men in Black.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid and we should move right along to this story in today’s Washington Post. (Don’t let Boris read this one, Faith).

“Pinched Pug Retrieved by Alexandria Police: Molly Is Safely Home After Being Snatched From Her Dog Sitter’s SUV; Suspect Charged”. And they all lived happily ever after. Except for the poor cop who solved the case, because other cops are going to be calling him “Ace Ventura” until the day he dies, and I bet it’s going to get very old very fast.

Yesterday, if you and your dog test-drove a Saab at some place called “You Lucky Dog”, Saab donated 20 bucks to an Arlington Dog group. I didn’t go, but our friends went to test-drive a 9-3 for me. (How very lazy, outsourcing your test-driving). I’m still waiting for a full report. From the driver, not the dog. Dogs apparently love Saabs unreservedly.

Dog Fancy magazine covers the tough stories.

Yesterday I kept seeing ads on TV for a show about working dogs. There are most definately things that dogs are suited for that cats are not. Seeing eye cat? You’re dead in traffic on your first outing. Rescue cat? Yeah, after he curls up and takes a nap he might try to find you. Or not. You just never know. Unless the missing person is coated in tuna, they probably don’t have a prayer.