Recently, I ended a post by stating that we were watching Prometheus and it looked cool. I only remember that because I just searched my blog to see whether I ever wrote a post about Prometheus because I’d like to know what I thought. It was that memorable.

It had only been a few weeks since we watched it and JunglePete just asked me why I didn’t warn him about what a goddamned boring and annoying movie it was. Those probably weren’t his exact words, but they could have been. You know why?

Because Prometheus is a goddamned boring and annoying movie.

There was some kind of Movie Archaeology going on that was probably offensive to both cultural resource managers and real space archaeologists (there is such a thing) but I’ve repressed it all and can’t really remember many of the specifics about what my issues were.

Oh yeah, it’s coming back to me: it was a crappy movie.

And it was boring.

While I try to remember if there was anything else, here’s a link to the disappointed Prometheus review from Space Archaeology, a website that seems to have lost the will to live not long after posting it’s review of this movie.

Boring, boring movie. Of boringness.

The plot of Prometheus (spoilers if you’re stupid): long scenes showing a badly designed archaeological expedition (dig everywhere, maybe we’ll find some shit!) and then a whole lot of running and screaming and probably some exploding goo aliens because, duh, it’s the prequel to Alien.

Husband just tried to defend it, insisting it “wasn’t that bad.”

I informed Husband that he thought it wasn’t so bad because he snored through parts of the movie.

His response: “I did?”

I rest my case.

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  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought it was boring and annoying. I would have been really ticked off if I’d wasted the time and money to see it in the theater.

    • meanlouise

      So, so boring. At a DC science writers meetup we met some people who were doubly annoyed cause they shelled out for the big sound & big screen. Until then I’d held out hope that maybe the theater experience made up for the crappiness. But no.

      I mean, if it doesn’t hold up to home viewing you’ve failed as a filmmaker but, you know, a good theater presence isn’t a total failure. I didn’t really fall in love w nightmare before Christmas til I saw it in the theater (in 3d).

      I need to drink some coffee. Just thinking about Prometheus this early is making me sleepy.

  • JunglePete

    Thanks for posting the link to the xenoarchaeologist nerd’s blog. The movie was written by Damon Lindelof, co-writer of Lost which may explain a few things. Lost cultures, unanswered questions, inexplicable motivations, blah blah blah.