pet psychics and biblical ichthyology

I’m trying to write an article about the genetically modified salmon developed by AquaBounty. What I want to know is this: do salmon who are being forced to grow abnormally fast suffer? Fish are animals and they feel pain, although these factors are frequently ignored.

It’s the weekend before Christmas so it’s not the best time to find an ichthyologist to interview, a point brought home to me by the fact that the only “experts” who have contacted me have turned out to be “animal communicators” or “pet psychics.”

There is some overlap in these two areas, apparently, but while all pet psychics are animal communicators, not all animal communicators wish to be pigeon-holed as pet psychics.

Okay, fine.

On twitter, a number of people thought that the pet psychics were just finding me at random, much like people who stop me to admire my aura. (No, really). Then it was pointed out that, although unrelated, a lengthy post I wrote explaining freak magnetism actually contains the term, “biblical ichthyology.” Also that this particular post should be in the reader favorites roundup.

So, the salmon article is on hold. The reader favorites list is updated. I have instant-content for today. Everybody wins! Except possibly those salmon…

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