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While I iron this out, we must keep in mind that things could be much much worse for us. We could be like the poor souls in New York City. You may be asking, what poor souls?

The tragedy came to my attention via and article in the Washington Post online, which also appears on the front page of the day’s edition. “New York Gets Over a Gilt Complex”, April 24, 2001 [ed. note: dead link deleted]

Some people in New York are suffering and you can help. We need to put on a benefit concert and raise a lot of money because things sound pretty desperate. We have an obligation to help them.

See for yourself. Take the case of poor Paul Harris:

His personal fortune is down to $1.5 million and he’s leaving for an ashram in India. “I really need to reconnect,” he said. “This dream’s over.”

How shocking is that? Is Yanni available? How about Kenny G and perhaps the Mannheim Steamroller? We’ve got to help these people, damnit.

It gets worse:

“It’s the summer season coming up, so my patients must have tune-ups,” said plastic surgeon Pamela Lipkin, who has a state-of-the-art private operating room on Fifth Avenue. “But instead of doing liposuction on seven areas, they’re doing three or four. These decisions are so painful.”

Oh, the horror. The horror. Okay, so to be honest the article is mostly about the question of whether the stock market fluctuations will have wider-reaching implications. Those quotes were just too good to pass up. I do want to add that I feel pretty bad for the people who have had to sell off most of their jets. I don’t know what Husband and I would do if we had to restrict ourselves to just one Lear Jet.

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